Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Book Review: The Da Vinci Code and the Secrets of the Temple

There is no shortage of books refuting the erroneous claims about Jesus Christ in The Da Vinci Code. Robin Griffith-Jones offers a literate response that is not only well measured, but he actually seems to have some fun with the topic. Unlike so many of the other “anti-Da Vinci” titles, which primarily take a finger-wagging approach towards Dan Brown and his novel, Griffith-Jones leads us on a quest through historical evidences that is every bit as intriguing as the novel itself.

From what authority does he write? Griffith-Jones is the Master of the Temple Church in London, as referenced in the Da Vinci Code itself. Although he has none of the authority of his predecessors, Griffith-Jones’ position is directly descended from the days of the Knights Templar and he does an excellent job chronicling their rise and their fall in a few brief pages.

In all, Robin Griffith-Jones has provided a reasonable rebuttal that gets to the heart of the flawed message of the Da Vinci Code in only 123 pages. If only Dan Brown had been so succinct.

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