Monday, March 07, 2011

Going Missional

I love this quote from Going Missional about the challenge of remaining 'out there' when it is so much easier to just go back to our place of comfort:

"It is a missional challenge of no small consequence to transform from a taker to a giver. It is an even deeper challenge to not fall into the trap of believing that the world is very lucky indeed that I have finally shown up. And it's a personal missional challenge to come face to face - as I have again and again - with what a jerk I can be. My short-lived commitment to all I say I believe in sends me skedaddling back to my comfort zone again and again. Multiply this by an entire generation and you can see where the biggest challenge is - it's in our hearts. Maybe that is where some of the spiritual growth found in serving actually come from; sometimes when the light is shining in the darkness, you can see yourself really, really clearly. Now, there's a challenge if there ever was one." - Karen Stiller

I have faced, and continue to face these challenges every day. I like my comfort zone. It's...well...comfortable. It doesn't cost me any time, any money, or any commitment. Yet I can say with absolute certainty that when you throw your heart into serving Jesus by serving your neighbour, yes - you will come face to face with your own weaknesses and insecurities, but God will use you anyway and that's what makes me love Him more and more all the time.