Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Searching for a Kingdom

In addition to all of the Christmas specials and New Year's Eve festivities on television at this time of year, I find it fascinating that there are so many shows on about the British Royal family and the history of the monarchy. It seems like an odd time of year for such a focus, but when you think about the coming of the King of Kings that we celebrate at this time of year, perhaps it's not so strange after all.

In fact, I would take it one step further. I would argue that the fascination so many people have with royalty is rooted in our longing for a kingdom...for THE Kingdom. While history reminds us that earthly monarchs have a spotty record when it comes to their benevolence towards the people they rule, those who do reign with the best interest of the people in mind provide us with an image of God's Kingdom. A kingdom based on love, righteousness, justice, and peace.

Even the folks who would like to get rid of the monarchy altogether will often find great satisfaction in movies, books, and TV shows featuring stories of great kings and queens. There is as reason why films like The Lord of he Rings have captured the zeitgeist. In one way or another, willingly or unwillingly, we are all being fitted for service to the true King. All of the stories of royalty - fictional or real - are a foreshadowing of the day when every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. If we willingly give our allegiance to him now, we can truly call ourselves sons and daughters of the most high King. Whether you choose to believe or not, the longing for a king and a kingdom is hard wired into the human soul. When the Kingdom is finally revealed in all its glory, I want to be on the side of those who willingly and joyfully usher the King to his throne.