Thursday, November 03, 2005

Book Review: Flashbang

Let me start by saying that Flashbang is one of the funniest books I have ever read. Mark Steele has had a lifetime of crazy experiences and manages to roll most of them into this book. Not only are his stories hilarious but he also draws some meaning out of them as he looks back on all of the ways that God has been leading him from birds drowning in spaghetti sauce to having shock therapy to restore his facial muscles. This book is a must read; but a word of advice, listen to Mark read from one of the chapters here then read the book with his voice as the narrator and you'll find yourself laughing out loud every time you pick it up! The humour will draw you in, but it is the final thought that will knock you right between the eyes. Steele concludes by saying,

"So I press on until all of the flash and noise the world attempts to drum up will result in no effect on me whatsoever. Where I was once the one weeping, wailing, and waving my arms to get the world's attention with no actual result - now the roles have reversed.

I will not be distracted by the explosions I now know are frauds.
I hear the bombs and will not be swayed.
I see the flashes and will not be blinded.
And when the enemy takes his best shot - by the grace of God, I will remain unmoved.

Because the world and I have traded places.
I am now grounded in the rock.
And because Jesus is my anchor -

It is the world who is the flashbang."


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