Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shocking Stats

Some disturbing stats about the richest nation on earth...

In America, roughly 12.9 million children live in poverty, with about 5 million living in extreme poverty (their families have incomes of less than half the federal poverty level.)

1) One-third of black children live in poverty.

2) 28 percent of Hispanic youngsters living in poor households.

3) 35 percent of all children living in poverty are white, making them the largest group of youngsters in poverty.

These stats are according to information being used in Hillary Clinton's electoral bid so there may be some spin involved (no offense intended towards Clinton specifically, that's just the way of politics) but they are similar to numbers I've heard from other sources as well.

Has anyone seen Canadian numbers anywhere? I'm guessing we are only slightly better.

See for full the complete article.

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