Monday, September 08, 2008


A few quick thoughts I just posted at Christianity Today...

As I read the comments on here, a great deal of them remind me of why I question the level of involvement Christians should have in politics.

By their very nature, political campaigns are divisive, pulling apart families, communities, and the church. Yes, it is important to vote for the candidate and party which you feel most aligns with your personal convictions, but it is MORE important to maintain unity within the body of Christ and within the community at large. For this very reason I do not ever put a political campaign sign on my lawn for fear it will isolate me from my non-Christian neighbours. It's more important that they know Christ than that they vote for the 'right' party. And if my support of one side or the other becomes a stumbling block, then I have put my politics ahead of my faith instead of being all things to all people.

I've wanted to blog about this for a while and hope to delve into the question more deeply very soon.

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