Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Come And Have Breakfast

The following excerpt is from An Alien at St. Wilfred's by Adrian Plass. Read this passage from John first: John 21:4-14

'I have read,' said Nunc, 'how this Peter leaped from his fishing boat and ran through the water when he saw his master on the shore. He did not understand at that time why his master had lived or died or come back to life again, did he?'

'He did not'. I agreed.

'And he had no understanding or knowledge of what the future might hold for him or his companions. Is that not true?'

I nodded.

'Was it not also the case that his three denials had not yet been discussed between himself and the one that he denied?'

'It was the case, Nunc. There was unfinished business between them.'

'Why, then, did he run with such abandon towards his master on that day, do you suppose?'

For several seconds Nunc's question seemed to hang in the air between us, something fragile and essential, as Dick put it afterwards. Hartley and I answered with exactly the same words at exactly the same time.

'Because he loved him.'

'And what was this man whom he loved?'

'He was the son of God,' said Dot.

'He was the saviour of mankind,' said Dick.

'He was the one who made everything,' said Hartley.

Nunc shone like Christmas as he asked his next question. 'And this son of God, this saviour of mankind, this one who made everything - what was he doing when Peter arrived, breathless and dripping wet, on the shore? What solemn and majestic task was Peter's risen Lord engaged in?'

My voice broke just a little as I replied.

'He was cooking breakfast for his friends.'

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