Saturday, January 10, 2009

My PoV

For roughly the last three months I've been taking photos from my doorstep every morning at 8 AM. It was an easy enough project while I was unemployed, but now that I'm working again it's not going to be quite so easy to keep going. Not to mention that it was getting a little boring seeing the same view every day!

As of January 1st I've started posting the point of view from wherever I am at 8 AM. The daily photo will be exactly what I'm seeing from my PoV at exactly 8 AM each day. If I'm still at home and haven't quite started the day I'll just keep shooting a photo from my doorstep, otherwise, look for a new photo every day, likely posted later in the evening.

Just click on the Deivox Images link in the left-hand menu to see life from my PoV!

UPDATE: Okay, so this little venture exhausted itself pretty quickly. Probably because I've been exhausted. So, now that you've read the above post, you can totally ignore it. Until further notice Deivox Images is on hiatus.

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