Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mall Thoughts

Spending hours on end working a sponsorship booth in a shopping mall gives you lots of time to observe and think. Here are a few of the thoughts I've thunk in the last two days...

Funny t-shirts are rarely funny.
People will do anything to avoid eye contact.
Europeans, even the young ones, will always greet each other with a handshake.
For all of the fashionable stores around, most people dress pretty much the same.
There are a lot of mentally unstable/socially awkward people in the world.
There is no designer clothing as beautiful as a traditional African dress.
Only 1 in every 100 people can really get away with skinny jeans.
Beauty has absolutely nothing to do with the clothes you wear.
Tattoo removal will be a booming business in about twenty years.
Teenage girls are still goofy. Teenage boys are still self-conscious.
Consumerism does not make people happy.
The razor thin beard from the sideburns under the chin looks like a hair net.
VBC (visible bum crack)...never a good idea.
Some people really want to encourage you (thanks Kevin!)
Trend watch - Girls: Flowers in the hair. Checkered shirts.
Trend watch - Guys: Same as usual...t-shirts and jeans.
The mall plays the same sequence of songs every day.

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Tuneman said...

Wow. Interesting.