Monday, February 22, 2010

Apple Says No To Sex

I came across this article from an Apple news feed this morning. The author, Craig Grannell, takes offense that Apple has decided to remove all sexually themed applications from its app store (except Playboy...hmmmm...too hard on the bottom line I guess.)

You can see my brief response (and all of the fallout since) if you visit the site, but let me just say that this kind of thing makes me sick, especially after the presentation I saw yesterday by Brett Ullman about media, faith, and culture (an excellent presentation by the way and not extremist in any way.) Perhaps Brett's presentation has left me a little more sensitive to some of these issues or perhaps it's just the result of how I've been led personally over the last few months, but I'm really getting sick of sex and violence being stuck up in my face at every turn. It seems like most of the best TV comedies have about two years of good material before they start slipping into sex jokes. And what about movies? Isn't real life filled with enough murder and mayhem for you? "Yeah, lets watch Saw IV so we can see her body cut up in slow motion! Cool!"

And finally, have you noticed it's almost always men who are responding to this stuff? And who is primarily responsible for most of the rapes, murders, wars, riots, etc. in our world? Men. I'm not going to over-spiritualize it, but lets just say I've been gaining a new respect for women. A respect that I realize didn't exist not so long ago that makes me angry when I see them being exploited, be they little girls or grown women.

I recognize too that I'm over-simplifying things and that every social ill can't be explained away by blaming it all on video games or movies, but there has to be a correlation somewhere. It is irresponsible to suggest that if we ban all violent movies, TV shows, and video games and we won't have a violent society anymore. Violence is in the heart - everyone's heart, including mine. But let's stop feeding that violence quite so much and see if it doesn't have an effect.

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