Friday, January 21, 2011


"This is what the devil does to little girls."

That line will hit you like a punch in the gut as you read Priceless, the latest novel from Tom Davis, the president and CEO of Children's HopeChest. I try not to write reviews immediately after finishing a book because the reaction can be too raw, too emotional to offer a balanced approach to what I've just read. In this case, a raw, emotional response is exactly what's required.

Priceless is the story of Stuart Daniels whom we met in Davis' previous novel Scared. This time, photographer Daniels is on assignment in Russia when he gets swept into rescuing young girls from the underground sex slavery trade. Young girls who are primaily orphans that the rest of the world has either forgotten or turned a blind eye towards.

If this were simply a novel, I might be tempted to think of it as hyperbole, the product of an overactive imagination by an author with an agenda. Sadly, this is not hyperbole, and author Davis is all too familiar with the horrors of the sex trafficking industry as part of his work with HopeChest. Just like Scared, Priceless left me angry at the animals who perpetuate the sex trade and profoundly sad for the young girls whose innocence is stolen from them at the time of their greatest need.

To call Priceless a great read is to imply that it is simply entertainment intended to while away a few hours. Yes, it is well written and difficult to put down, but this book will do far more than will educate you and hopefully motivate you to learn more, to become involved in the fight against sex trafficking and the plight of orphans wherever they may be.

As with Scared, I recommend you get a copy of Priceless immediately and immerse yourself in this story about the dark world of sex-trafficking. Even here you will find the light of redemption - and you just might discover that God is calling you to be that light.

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