Thursday, April 07, 2011

Interview with the Flamborough Review

From the Flamborough Review:

In developing countries where poverty rates are soaring, people are starving. In an attempt to raise awareness of world hunger and raise funds to help feed some hungry bellies, World Vision Canada is encouraging Canadians to take part in a unique challenge.

The not-for-profit organization’s 30-Hour Famine is an annual event that sees youth go without food for a 30-hour period. In turn, the participants raise money that will help fund different projects, such as health and nutrition programs, in the developing world.

In 2010, Waterdown residents raised $1,333.81 through World Vision’s 30-Hour Famine. This year, local participants have signed up to boost the cause and contribute to the organization’s $4.65-million fundraising goal.

While no Flamborough schools, organizations or churches have formally signed up to take part in the Famine, according to World Vision’s southern Ontario rep, Brad Saunders, local residents are taking on the national challenge April 8-9.

And it’s not too late for groups to participate.

“It’s certainly not too late for anyone who wishes to be involved to get involved,” said Saunders, adding that the 30-Hour Famine can be completed anytime of the year.

The format of the event was conceived to give Canadians a taste of what it really feels like to be hungry.

“Of course, we know that at the end of the 30 hours, they will get another meal, but there are millions of people who don’t,” said Saunders.

With nearly half of the globe’s population living on $2 a day or less, according to World Vision, poverty and hunger are issues that the not-for-profit organization is looking to solve.

Money raised through the 30-Hour Famine event helps support various programs established in Africa, Southeast Asia and regions of South America. And new this year, event participants can select which project they wish to support, including clean water projects, education initiatives, health and nutrition programs, and child protection projects.

For more information on World Vision and the 30-Hour Famine, or to register for the fundraiser, visit

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