Friday, June 18, 2004

In The Beginning...

Well, here's my first attempt at blogging which essentially means, all of the half started journals, memoirs, stories, reflections, etc. that I've never been able to complete will now be available for the whole world to see. Hopefully that will be motivation enough to actually finish them!

Although my interests range from books, to music, to film, to politics, most of the content you'll find here will be tinged by faith as well. Just like a small drop of food colouring in a tall glass of water, my faith permeates all that I am. Don't worry - even though I am heavily involved in my own Conservative, Evangelical Christian world, I believe that life - all of life - comes from God so I try not to tie my blinders on too tightly.

Essentially, that's why I chose Rumours of Glory as the name of this blog. Aside from the fact that it's a great Bruce Cockburn song, it also encapsulates how I understand the world around us. In all of life, if you are just willing to stop, look around, and listen for a moment, you'll find evidence of the divine everywhere; the 'Strong Hand of Love' as one songwriter put it.

The rumours are true! Let's take a listen together...

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