Monday, August 07, 2006

Book Review: The Passionate Visionary

Responding to what is rightly recognized as a dearth of writing on the leadership style of Paul the apostle, authors Richard S. Ascough and Charles A. Cotton (both from Queens University in Kingston, ON) have crafted a brief, but effective overview of his founding and leadership of the early Church. The Passionate Visionary is one part leadership theory, one part exegesis of Pauline theology which makes for an unusual combination, but for the most part, the authors pull it off.

While there are no earth shattering new leadership theories presented here, it does synthesize a number of the latest thoughts from leading experts in the field and then extracts similarities from the life of Paul. In some instances I had a hard time accepting the parallel between a modern concept and an ancient practice, yet there is still a lot of meat to chew on here for anyone in a leadership role, be it in the workplace or in the church. A worthwhile read at a reasonable price.

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