Saturday, November 04, 2006

Review: Squat

I used to read a ton of fiction when I was younger, but I've found lately that not a lot of fiction really grabs my interest unless it has a really unique story line or is written from an interesting, almost quirky perspective. I picked up Squat for that very reason...A story written from the perspective of a group of homeless friends that takes place over a 24-hour period.

All I can say is WOW, am I ever glad I picked this up! Yes it's unique. Yes it's quirky. But more than that, it will give you an entirely new perspective of life on the streets that will make you look differently at the next person you meet on the sidewalk begging for your loose change.

Author Taylor Field works with the homeless at Graffiti Community Ministries in New York City and has previously published a non-fiction book called Mercy Streets that won Outreach magazine's best outreach resource of 2003 award in the Biography category. This guy knows what he is talking about and he knows his subject matter personally. Field's intimate knowledge of street life helps us see life from a street person's perspective. It takes us through a day in the life...To walk in their shoes, and to understand that, while it is not a choice that has been made willingly, those on the street have emotions, friendships, and concerns just like the rest of us. I highly recommend this book! 5/5

Check out the Squat website for a podcast, chapter samples, and author information.

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