Thursday, April 10, 2008

Finding Balance

I was reading Nancy Ortberg's book Looking For God and came across this quote:

"A number of years ago, my husband went with a group from our church to Ethiopia. At the time we had two children, ages three years and eighteen months. I am sure those two little girls were on John's mind when he was serving in that greatly underresourced country.

I'll never forget his greeting when he got off the plane after being gone for two weeks. He grabbed me and the girls like he would never let us go. Then when we got in the car, as he was rehashing what they saw and did, he said, 'You know, when an Ethiopian mother who's wondering where her child's next meal is going to come from thinks of American Christians, I doubt that she is hoping we'll learn to lead balanced lives.'"

Hmmmm...puts our pursuit of comfort in perspective doesn't it?

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James said...

Two things knocked me out lately. The documentary film Brilliant City, about suburbia, and from his thoughts in the film, James Howard Kunstler's book The Long Emergency, a scathing indictment of our century-long addiction to cheap oil and the consumerist lifestyle. The prognosis is grim.