Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Throwing Pigs to Pearls

At first I thought I misread the headline...

Ottawa to Pay Struggling Pork Producers $50 Million to Kill 150,000 Pigs by Fall

Sadly, I hadn't.

There are 2 billion starving people in the world and our government has decided to essentially waste 150,000 pigs in order to drive up the price of the hog market. Granted, some of the pork will go to Canadian food banks, but what about the hungry around the world who need food so desperately? Try telling some African grandmother looking after 3 or 4 kids that Canada has such an excess of pigs that it is going to slaughter them and then make pet food in order to drive up the price around the rest of the world. Sick.

This just smacks of a lack of ethics and perhaps even racism. Are our pets in North America worth more than a human life in an impoverished nation? If I may quote Bono, "Where you live should not determine whether you live."

It's just sick.

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