Thursday, February 12, 2009

Are You Ready To Fight?

"When the end of poverty arrives, as it can and should in our own generation, it will be citizens in a million communities in rich and poor countries alike, rather than a handful of political leaders, who will have turned the tide. The fight for the end of poverty is a fight that all of us must join in out own way." Jeffrey Sachs, The End of Poverty


Kelvin Warkentin said...

Can poverty really be wiped out?

Brad in the 'Loo said...

I really believe it can, at least the extreme form of poverty (those living on less than $1/day.) We have the resources and the technology but I'm not sure we have the will. Frankly, it involves a change of heart and a change of lifestyle that most people are not willing to embrace. That's why we have to keep hammering away - educating, advocating, speaking up on behalf of those who have no voice - for change.

I have a lot of thoughts on this that will eventually make their way into a full-blown blog post but they need to stew around a bit more.