Monday, March 30, 2009

Just The Facts #21

Fact: In 2007, Canada gave 0.28% of GNI to development assistance, well below the MDG requrement of 0.7%. Support your local 30-Hour Famine!

The End Poverty Concert is April 25!

New Zealand:

No one to support locally? Support me!

A fact a day until April 3rd, the date of the 30-Hour Famine.

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Chris said...

So my man... I have a question for you, now that we're kinda both in the same biz.

Hopefully, we all know that global poverty should be a chief concern of ours, and even as individuals, we can make an impact... even one child at a time.

But how do you take facts (faceless, cold facts) and use that info to bring about a significant impact to those you want to reach?

So, take this post of yours for example. Canada has clearly dropped the ball in its responsibilities and commitments concerning the MDG. How do you stir something up inside of those reading those stats?

Right from the outset, the word "Canada" almost lets us off the hook. We can read "Canada" and blame the government or our next-door neighbour - anyone but ourselves. I'm a Canadian, but something in me doesn't immediately take ownership of that shameful statistic that all Canadians share.

Any ideas as to how we take this message to others and personalize it? How do we take this problem and make it seem a little less daunting? How do we get people both passionate about this issue, and more importantly, involved in bringing about resolution?

30 Hour Famine participation and financial support is a great start. What else can we do?