Sunday, July 10, 2005

Author Brunch

Attended another "insider" event this morning - the Harvest House author's brunch. This is an annual event that Harvest House hosts each year with about a dozen of their authors in attendance. There's no big autograph session, no hoopla, just having brunch and hanging out with some key authors. It's a good time to meet with them and establish some connections to further Canadian publicity. I don't get too involved in the publicity side of things, so as the primary Canadian contact for Harvest House I act more as a host at this event, introducing the rest of our team around.

We met up with Lori Wick, Michelle McKinney Hammond, Elizabeth & Jim George, Siri Mitchell, and Lysa TerKeurst. All of these folks are really nice without the "author attitude" that you sometimes run into at these events. Lysa's story about adopting two orphans from Liberia was really touching. If you ever have a chance to see her on TV or in person I suggest you do it. Hopefully we'll see more of her in Canada soon!

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