Sunday, July 10, 2005

Rob Bell

I had most of the afternoon free after the brunch and spent it walking around downtown Denver in search of two of my favorite destinations - Barnes & Noble and Starbucks. Success on both accounts!

It hit 94 degrees here today but as they say, it's a dry heat so it doesn't seem to melt you like it would in southern Ontario as long as you drink lots of water. My first time in Colorado I ignored the advice of my friend Don over at Alive Communications and hardly drank any water for the first two days I was here. By the morning of day three I had a wicked headache, my lips were cracked, and I had lost most of my voice.

I just got in from a worship concert with Newsong, Tim Hughes, and Kathy Troccoli. I must be getting old because the main attraction for me wasn't the music but the speaker for the night, Rob Bell whom most people know from the Nooma series of videos. He's also the pastor at Mars Hill church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Bell spoke about the importance of moving from a destination mindset, where either you are in or out of the Kingdom to a "clicks" mindset where everyone is on a journey of faith that can be measured in little clicks along the way to God. Some people make the leap to faith very quickly, for others it take years, and still others will never come to embrace Jesus personally. As believers our role isn't to have all the answers but to simply help others make it to the next "click" on the journey and to keep moving along in that journey ourselves.

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