Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Show - Day Three

Day three was much like day two - meetings, meetings, and more meetings. Today I met with Relevant which was like a breath of fresh air in terms of the creative ways they are promoting their books and magazine. To a certain degree they are flying by the seat of their pants because they don't have a lot of experience in CBA but it is that same inexperience that makes for some fresh ways of thinking and getting their products into the marketplace. They have a very bright future ahead of them. From there it was off to Strang, Hendrickson, and QuickVerse who have made a very generous offer for us Canadians that you'll hear about soon.

This was my last day on the show floor and it is good to be done. There is a lot of pressure to be "on" at all times, whether you are in a meeting, eating lunch, or going out for an evening stroll. From the time you leave your room in the morning until you get back at night it is "showtime." I get a real buzz from being "on" but at the end of the day it does take a lot out of you. That being said, there is also a touch of sadness when you leave because there is a certain energy at an event like this with so many publishers, authors, musicians, and new products in one place.

Tonight I'll take in a bit of downtown Denver then Tim and I are off to Colorado Springs in the morning for a day of vacation before heading home on Friday.

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