Saturday, December 21, 2013

Downloadable Dozen #12: Fam Jam - Shad

A great new album dropped this year from one of my favourite hip-hop artists, Shad. This track in particular about the immigrant experience is the highlight for me. I love spending time with people from other cultures and hearing their stories - both the good and the bad - about their move to Canada. The lyrics pretty much nail the experience as I understand it.

Favourite Lyric
Now when you're Third World born, but First World formed
Sometimes you feel pride, sometimes you feel torn
See my Mother's tongue is not what they speak where my Mother's from
She moved to London with her husband when their son was 1
And one time after Family Ties, I turned on the news and saw my family die
[Why?] Pops said there's murder in the motherland
Things about colonialism I didn't understand
All the things that shape a man in his mind state;
A community income, and crime rate
If times change, why my people still in dire straits?

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