Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Downloadable Dozen #2: Civil Wars - The One That Got Away

What can be written that hasn't already been said about the Civil Wars and their acrimonious relationship? This song has so many layers of meaning - are they singing about each other? Do they really wish they'd never formed this incredible musical union? Is there something deeper that has caused them to split up? Or maybe it's just a song about longing and heartache and not being satisfied with the relationship you have. However you choose to interpret the song, it is one heavy emotional outpouring that still takes my breath away.

Favourite Lyric
Oh, if I could go back in time
When you only held me in my mind
Just a longing gone without a trace
Oh, I wish I'd never ever seen your face
I wish you were the one
Wish you were the one that got away

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