Sunday, December 29, 2013

Downloadable Dozen #5: All Over Ohio - Over The Rhine

Every time Over the Rhine releases a record, you can be pretty sure they'll have a song make my Downloadable Dozen. In my mind at least, this husband and wife duo is the most underrated band working today and deserve far more attention than they get. Intelligent, sweet, powerful, passionate, and filled with deep faith. An Over the Rhine record is not to be consumed in bits and pieces on a shuffling iPod, but rather, in one continuous play on a reflective afternoon.

Favourite Lyric #1
All I wanna be is a thousand black birds
Bursting from a tree into the blue
Love – let it be not just a feeling
But the broken beauty
Of what we choose to do

Favourite Lyric #2
I have seen the slow corruption
Of the best ideas of Christ
In the pulpits of our nation
Gospel turned into white lies
If you preach a subtle hatred -
The bible as your alibi
God damn you right here in Ohio

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