Thursday, August 12, 2010

Busted in Ecuador?

Just got in from a rather interesting night in Ambato. After we arrived back at our hotel, eight of us decided to walk downtown again for dinner. We found a great Mexican place with lots of lively conversation and good music. After an amazing burrito and a cafe del leche (my new favorite!) we walked through the city centre followed by a friendly stray dog who just wouldn´t leave our side.

We started heading back down the road to our hotel and was about half-way there when a police car and a mini-bus filled with officers pulled over to the side of the road right beside us. An officer hopped out and immediately started questioning where we were headed and why. God had our backs once again as our Wonder Woman of a host Andrea stepped in to explain the situation. After a few words back and forth we were "invited" to get on the bus to be driven back to our hotel for safety reasons. As you can imagine we were all a little suspicious and wondered which side of the jail cell we´d like to sleep on for the next few months.

In the end it all worked out well and we were taking photos and waving wishing a relived buenos noches to our escort. All in all, a pretty adventurous day I´d say.

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