Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Time For Parting

Today is the day half of our team returns to Canada while four of us plus Michelle's husband Doug (who flew in today) stay here on vacation for another four days. After all we have seen and experienced together it will be tough to see them go. There is a certain connection you have with people on a trip like this that will last forever. I'm sure the next time we all see each other there will be a lot of "remember when..." times.

I'm so thankful I was able experience this time with such a great group of people who are all committed to the work World Vision is doing here in Ecuador. Each and every person on this team does their work out of a deep love of the children we work with and out of a real committment to respond to God's call to care for the poor. We will all process and respond to this experience in different ways but I am certain that we have all been touched in some way.

I really didn't want to turn this blog into a commercial for World Vision, and I've tried to share some of my personal experiences so it wouldn't seem too "corporate," but I just have to tell you how proud I am to work for this organization. I have seen the work first-hand and am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that it works. Everything you see on TV or read about in our mailings in absolutely true. I can't wait to get home to start sharing this experience in person with anyone who will listen. And quite frankly, I may come across a little strong when I get back but I've met real children with real names in need of a sponsor in Canada. I may be able to ignore the photograph of a stranger on a copied piece of paper, but it is impossible to ignore the face of a child that I've laughed with, danced with, taken photos of, and hugged. They have found their way into my heart. I hope they find their way into yours.

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