Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chau Quito!

So, I'm up ridiculously early after less than three hours of sleep. Danny and I hung out in La Ronda one last time last night after having a McNifica at McDonald's just beside our hotel. I know, I know...but we just had to see what was different on the menu.

La Ronda was packed out tonight with everyone having a good time sipping their canazalo and listening to the live music pouring out of the little restaurants. We got a bit of the rock star treatment again (actually, Danny gets the rock star treatment; I get more of the rock star's manager treatment - think of him as Bono and me as Paul McGuiness) as a couple of blonde haired gringos in Ecuador and just generally soaked in the moment before leaving for the final time.

I'm off for the shuttle now for a flight from Quito to Bogota, another from Bogota to Fort Lauderdale, a bus to Miami, and finally a flight from Miami to Toronto. Assuming everything is on-time I should be home around 1:00 AM.

Catch ya' later!

For complete photos from the journey click here.

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