Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Community Gardens

One of my favorite visits on this trip has been to a couple of World Vision sponsored community gardens. These gardens are part of a four month training program for women where they learn about crop rotation, irrigation, composting, how to grow more nutritious crops, and how to have a bigger yield. When they graduate the course, they are given seeds to take back to their own homes to plant a small farm to feed their own families. If there is any extra crop left over at harvest time, it can be sold at local markets for a small income.

Since vegetable gardening is near and dear to my heart I was thrilled to see these community gardens that would multiply outwards to the homes of countless families that would benefit from their new found source of food. We met more than one family who were so proud that their home gardens had allowed them to become self-sufficient.

You never know how big the yield unless you plant the seed.

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