Sunday, August 15, 2010

Strange Day

This has been one roller coaster of a day. It started off great with Danny and I having deep spiritual discussion and then I had a really powerful encounter with God a bit later in the shower (go figure.) Afterwards, we went down to grab some breakfast and then walked to the lavanderia (laundry mat) with Autumn to get some clothes washed. From that point things started going downhill...

We took a couple of cabs with the rest of the gang to visit the old town area again. After a bit of a wander we met up for lunch in Plaza San Francisco where Autumn's backback was almost pick-pocketed were it not for Danny's quick response. It was a very smooth attempt but our D-Mac managed to scare them off. The rest of our time in old town went off without any problems and we headed back to the hotel later this afternoon.

Danny and I had the cab driver drop us off at the lavanderia (Autumn was running a bit behind in a different taxi.) It wasn't quite ready yet so we decided to just walk down a couple of blocks to kill 30 minutes. Dumb move. We had a bit of an unnerving incident and got back to the lavendaria ASAP to just sit inside and wait. Autumn came just a couple of minutes later. We got our stuff and booted it back to the hotel. Frankly, I think we just got a little overconfident but thankfully God was watching over us so everything worked out fine. As Danny said later, "I can't believe we risked our lives for ironed socks!"

Tonight we went to the La Ronda section of old town to have some dinner at the Restaurante Negro Mala. It was a really quaint little place and was a nice relaxing way to end a rather disturbing day. From the moment we left the hotel this morning I had the sense that there was evil in the air. I really believe we dealt with a bit of spiritual warfare today - it wasn't the first time on this trip. I'm glad to be back where it is safe so we can begin our adventures in Mindo tomorrow.

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