Thursday, August 12, 2010

For The Blooper Reel

We had another fantastic visit just outside Ambato today where the mothers of the community did a presentation on proper health & nutrition, and the importance of breast feeding. I was so incredibly humbled by the generosity of these folks as they presented gifts of sweaters to a couple of our team and then brought out some snacks for us to enjoy. We had some delicious empanadas followed by some of the best tasting juice I´ve ever had in my life! Here´s a recipe for you straight from the heart of Ecuador:

1 cup of blackberries
1 cup of water
Brown sugar

Just boil the berries and then add the water. Stir. Pour juice through a strainer to remove the berry skins. Add brown sugar to taste.

That´s the recipe as it was given to me but I won´t be able to make it myself until I get home so let me know if you try it!

One of the other fun parts of the day was the filming of some thank you videos to be used back in Canada for our Gift Catalogue campaign this fall. We chose a small farmyard with a bull and cow to shoot my videos. It was a perfect location so we started filming with the cow over my shoulder. It was going really well until about 45 seconds in when the cow decided it needed to relieve itself right behind me. Take two...same shot three minutes later. Camera rolling...¨Hi Canada, here we are in Ecuador...¨ Same thing happens! Can´t this cow hold it for two minutes!! Ahhh the joys of working with animals. Eventually we got the shot using the bull instead.

We shot a second video when a whole bunch of kids just sat down on the road beside me. It was such a blast to just shoot something unplanned and on the fly when the opportunity presented itself. When we we're done I looked at the kids and said "movie star!" in English. They all started smiling and laughing! So much fun!

On to the next stop...

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